Saturday, 24 January 2015

A quick trip to Maasai Mara

Dear Friends, I will be leading a six days trip in the Mara next month Feburary 2015 with Sarah Skinner, we have 3 space left to be booked, If your interested please contact wildlife trails,, Please note I do not take any direct booking it have to go through an agent, Thank and hope to see you in my Office next Month, Jackson Looseyia,

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Seven Oarks Kent

Know since I have been slightly expose to the Internet world of communication, one of my good friends sow my post on social media while I was in the USA, we the Skype and made a plan, when I arrive to Heathrow Airport they arrive too and pick me up towards Kent County, the moment I arrive every thing sims small, the space is small, the cars are tinny, compared to Anerica Cars and the roads are narrow and small, We had to stop on serval occasion to give way because the road could not fit two cars, I notice the old tradition of the English People an Nation who once rule the world, Kenya, Uganda, India, Australia and USA just to name a few, I wander strait way How they plan all this in on of the smallest countries in the west, Lots of Churches on view within the Village and the houses look old and settle within the old Oarks Trees who had lost there leaves, every small space available was covered with fllowers and blue tits will fly a cross in between the tradition gardens, Finally I arrive on my destination, the cattle was boiling and had a cup of tea, I felt at home but still a little cold, my best friend was the radiator on the wall which provided heating in the house, I hug it dearly as I got hot and cold every now and then, after a full English breakfast I took my shower and took a small nap, this was refreshing, just in time to go for small walk with Dogs before we had dinner meeting, Our friends who had been on Safari with me a few times arrive just in time for sundowners but no sun at this point it gets dark quickly never mine it's England one of the guest said, Our stories at seven Oarks was about the last safari and how great it was in the Mara Triagle, this one of our best places to visit in the Maasai Mara, we reflect the black Rhinos, Hundreds of Elephants, lions, Cheetah and Leopards, the sounds of hippo on the Mara river right at Dirisha camp site, And Philip and Isaac dishes, Chocolate Brownies, we were carried away to my office within seconds, we plan quickly the next trip and hope they had contacted there agent and book 2016, I wave good night and went to bed I slept so quickly just like a doll when you rest upside the eyes close instant, The next morning we have a few appointments with Chris who is the Boss of Bush and Beyord a long side Trish Bonham, this time round we did fast from one place to another, but I had meet so many agent we had visited, it was not had at all, our Job is to remain them about Bush and Beyond and the propaties they represent, A good Job well done, now we regroup again, Josh, Alex, and Chris, this a team of men but one have red instead of black, I had an invitation to join 100 people who came to join winners of Tusk Trust Awards, this I could not resist, especially when one of the Royal family Members was coming, I had to prepare my self and finally, I arrive at the club, The security was tight and what was amazing some of this security offices know my name, so there was not much to check on me I just went in and out because of the picture, TV work etc, This was my highlight of the UK visit, we chatted exchange cards and catch up with mates I have not seen or had from for years, Simon King, Kate Silverton, just to name a few famous people in the club Claggys, I did not know where the time went, Wait for the next write about dinner servers, Asanti Sana Jackson Looseyia,

From Miami to London

Dear Friends, Happy New year to you all I wish you a very successful 2015, just to track back my Westen safari last month, here is the other part II of my visit, Off we went towards the Airpot leaving behind the flatt plains and swamps of Florida, still did not see the famous Alegatas who rule one of the world Lagerst swamp, I have a good reason to go back to Miami but not to hunt but to photographer, I started to look for wildlife on our way slightly relax as home Kenya dates are getting close, what I had found was groups of kites on our way, what ever was on the ground it was plenty, being a guide in Kenya when ever we see so many of one species we suspect lot of food for them even when they are migrating, a day or two with thousands of birds will translate bug hatching or otherwise, Our driver could not tell us what was the kite about but time is clicking to get our plain to New York and connect to London, I was happy to check out my bag and getting ready for the English winter, from a hot air in Miami, to freezing cold winter in New York and London, 6 days to go I said to Josh Perrot and he agree with me it's time we head home, our flight connection was tight but we just made it like 20 min, I could have been unhappy to miss my flight and spend some time in JFK, For once I thought the the trip was shorter than the last time I flow from New York to London, we arrive at the same time with Chris Flatt who came from Kenya to join us on our final roadshow in UK, I was rapt up with a double Shuka colored Red and small yellow strip, this was my most perfect Shuka for the winter, as we arrive the lady officer who serve us could not believe a Maasai is coming to UK with a thousand millers and some suka while the rest of the people arriving are covered up with black heaver winter coats, I could read confusion in her Eyes but to Mr. Looseyia I have been I know what it feels, please give way, I quick cup of tea or coffee could be good as we prepare our bags so we did, More coming on my safari in UK, Salams Jackson Looseyia,

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Miami my last visit

Hi Friendsp, After this long days Roadshow for Bush and Beyond our heads are turn to head home, by the time we arrive Miami I can tell Liz was ready to see her family in Canada, Josh was ready to see some animals at Ekorien Mugie Third Lagerst man made dam in Kenya, and Ole was ready to see the free Gnu running around his back yard, Miami suprice me its a flat country I never thought about it, I picture this place to look like our Kenya coast but I was wrong, it's vast with space, long unconnected roads and made us to drive long distance to get from A to B, the weather was nice and hot slightly humid, we arrive on the 20/11/14 when most of the southern states are cold, this was a nice confotable weather for Africans, Things I could not get to understand about the people who live here is when we get to any rooms hotel, resturants, offices, they are all child and I am cold no matter what, We had our three last meetings and we are fortunate to visit a preserve forest which is protected by one of the local university, I so Trees which are familiar to my environment this include spiders and strangler Figs, acacia tress, just to give you an idea, the professor who show us around had done a lot of collection of plants in many country around the wold and he was proud with the rest of his team, I would imagine this place to be popular with wedding evens, and other important ceremonies, I sow some of the very expensive real state in Miami next to this tree park, and 200 meter a long the road you can see some poor guys here, may had migrate to this place the houses change and you can tell it's not well groom a few police walking around and some time with dogs, On our way to the hotel to say good by to Liz our guide we realize an empty space on setlite map and we ask her what is this empty space, Liz said this the famous Everglades of United State, I was over the moon wanted to get out of the car to have a look, In the hope to see the the two well known reptiles Aligator and Python, Florida have space for my next visit for sure and had no idea how the beach look like, must be fun to have coffee looking at the Atlantic Ocean, Soon we arrive at our hotel and Liz waited outside and I and Josh went to our rooms to get a few gifts and presented to our world guide, we hug and kiss her Goodbye and we are a little emotional, remember we are men we never show it in tears we swallow it to our throughts, Liz suggest we go to the largest shopping Mall in the area and we needed some few presents to take back home Kenya, she drop us at this largest mall in the world you need a car to take you from on place to another, from the hotel we thought it should take us one hour walk, I found what I needed and so Josh and we head back on root 11 meaning waking, after 1 hour we had miss the turn to the right road and headed to unknown place, 2 hours are gone still walking we my have covered 15 kilometers, soon after I ask josh if he have his phone? thankful to Iphone GPS, Few yes we are very lost our hotel is another 1 hour behind lest go back, track the African way a short cut, we walk for hours and I and Josh wish it was day time it's now 9 pm, we started our walk at 5:30 pm, The house we sow on lights on the side of the road are as big as the ones I sow at Beverly hill, but nice since there horses, cattle, and look like some place for a Maasai to live withought the big houses, this must be a reserve community with size of the Church we sow and house number of cars, I wanted to run in and give them my card for them to come on Safari, we could share a lot in common if they could brave to travel, Finally we are at the hotel real saw from the walk and we are glad we got lost, we had exise, we have seen some places, horses, and lots water, We said Kwaheri to each other and our bond was even better, lala salama see you at 9 am for break fast, Soon I will finalize my day to the Airport, Salaaams Jackson Looseyia,

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Weekend LA

Liz and Josh flew to different place while I spend 2 nights at LA, on my weekend I meet a lot of dogs, I had not seen so many, the lady I was styaing at her house Melinda Merjer is running a walking business for Dogs, this had given me the opportunity to see Beverly Hill houses, right inside which you will see normally from out side fence, some of this people have money the size of this homes are like state house I would imagine, I do not know for what? Show? Possible? And then we tour on the rest of Santa Monica the only place I have seen people walk, run, and bicycle, I was impress, when you are with a local then you get to know and see how this people live, eat, go to church, Jim etc, Since I had been sitting in the car for long I requested to go on walk and I was exited as much as the park of Dogs from wealthy families, The sky was different, the trees, and flowers came out all of a sudden I was in the real world, birds, bugs, other people walking there dogs and we stop to say hi just like in Africa, on our way back to the car, one of the dogs call skip run a cross the road on the the other side and we did not see it, it was a small dog hair on his face and possible 10 years old, he then run to a million dollar church compaund and all was ok, but this was one bad moment for my friend, some of this dogs are treated like kids even more spoil, Back at home our dogs stay outside and do not have beds, toys to play with, but on the western world dogs are kids to other people, My days are speeding up I am now ready to pack again to be at the airport as early as 5 am so the lady drove me to Lax airport and I was in the plain by 6 am ready to head to Antanta, we arrive at 1 pm this still in one country I do not understand the time different, and boad onto another plain after meeting up with Liz and Josh, then we arrive into paradise, St Simon Island, If there was a place I can live in the Sate this it, the forest was well looked after with old Man Beaded hanging on trees, traditional houses, small village market, lots Of canals, Alegatas, birds, fish, and a proud people, I took my Shukas to color the beach running for nearly a mile, this is the Atlantic Ocean, even though we had a meeting here it did not sound like business, we had friends, Ann and Emily Owen, and many more friends, we had fun and the two days went too quickly, I wish I had enough time to see this part of the world and I hope I will return to St Simons Island, We left early to catch our plain to Atlanta, the city I first came in 1997 when I was a young Moran now a wise elder of the Ndorobo Maasai, The people I had meet here have photos of my last trip 19 years ago it look streach to see my self and remember Phil Osborn the legend who send half of Atlanta to Kenya, I miss this southerners families who spoke slow and have double barrel Names, like Maryann, the offices we visited I had meet the people and I was slightly comfortable then A few other offices we visited in the big cities, Just a day here we streach to Bamingum Alabama, on the way I say the few words which are familiar, then it click when I read a book roots so much on this road was mention between Atlanta and Bamingum, this where Martin Lurther King spend some of his time when he said I have a dream, We had dinner then hotel getting ready for our final destination in the States Miami, Wait for the next advatures of Mr. Looseyia,

Del Mare Solana Beach,

Long drive on one of the busiest roads in CA blvd 408 with 7 cars coming and 7 going, and still there was trafic hadly move, every one drive here few people walk, and rightful though the distance are big, to get from one place to another, long Streach of road and glimps of the Pasific Ocean every now and then finally we arrive, John Spence who had meet us at Facebook is here to meet us on an evening event, lots of wine, food to bite, and the guest arrive as many as 68 people, some had been on safari to Kenya and many parts of Africa, while others are new can't wait to head to Africa, now Ebola is no longer the subject in fact most people we visited said its over and phone are startng to ring and emails coming in, it's the same in this office people wanting to travel, South Africa, Botwana, Kenya Tanzania just to name a few countries on the Safari list, Emma Spence invited us for dinner at there house I could not resist, I have known this family for years and the kids and Dogs, it was going home away from home, The rest of the office staff from Aardvark came to join us and this was lovely we treasure every min we had at a family home stay, I had my early morning appointment with our other good friends I had meet many times on Safari Mitch and Pauline, while they are in Kenya for their 20th trip I ordered and IPad Air, and I was exited to have new toy the next day, I could dream about it like going on Safari, I was thinking how I will buy a new safari cover, and Instal my ebirds, emammals, ewildlife,and stargaze, Mitch came to the Hotel at about 8:30 and we went to another place and have coffee and do business, He pointed out on my watermelon, meaning I am growing a small belly better watch!!! We lough and lough but all good with a point, not many Maasai have this chips and bear Belley, this must go before I see you in Kenya, hugs and hand Shake then good buy, we had another quick meeting then we all drove to LA where I will spend my quirt time in Some place in LA, Don't miss the next write, Jackson Looseyia,

Last day at San Francisco

Some time in the evening we meet up with Aardvark MD John Spence, a tall gentleman, black Hair with back eyes, and Liz who have been guiding us new where to go, this time round to Facebook Campase, with a lot doors and cards exchange this include ID and within seconds we are all given cards to hang on our necks, Shortly we meet Chris who will be taking us around FB, After our meeting some people booked to come and see my office, Chris and his wife Jan had already sign to come, this one place on our side show we are weak at and no one will ever be perfect, how to explain in details how safari is like, the Views, clouds, sun set couloful sky, sounds, wind, smell, just to mention a few things, Chris took us around he pointed, "this a full Denis department, all kind of food, pitzze, coffee, and list goes on but all of this is free no one can buy any thing but the gift shop," The number of computers I sow here at Facebook and Instagram went beyond believe, so this where it began, we sow Mark the youngest Billionaire in the world with another young couple on a interview Room, for me this place made my trip at San Fransico, Soon we had to go back to the hotel and park ready to meet LA, this call a business trip, Like had to believe we are still in the state of CA but flying for nearly 2 hours to get to LA and here we are lax airport, not so much to go through since it's an internal flight, easy took our bags and headed to the famous retal Cars Hardz, breaded with Yellow any one can find it, Liz on wheels to the Orenge County a few meetings here and back to the hotel at 11:pm Mr. Looseyia was too tired especially with my time different at home in Kenya, Los Angeles if different, spread out and for hours you can drive and a real congrat Jungle, I always talk to my self and say will I live here, in my hear this a big no, how could make it, where will my cows graze? Sorry this not my place, One more meeting Boys Liz said to us in the morning after breakfast, I am now missing my chai and real milk strait from a cow tits, the milk we are serve are in small containers I needed ten in my cup of tea just to try an much with my home milk, When I look back to my serves on safari I realize we do look after people on safari in fact we spoil them, the silverware, real cups, and places not to forget how share with starlings and yellow vented Bulbuls around the table, Soon we had finish our meetings in LA and drove to San Diego, Solana Beach this time, Next on my safari to US, Jackson Looseyia,