Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nick and David Pride

Dear Friends, The Double Cross pride had gone though tough times, having Notch boys come and go the Marsh pride Males checking and going and OOC Males, David and Nick stayed no matter for as long it will take and cast to make a family, finally we sow the fruits of there patients lots of cubs from 5 lioness, some of the cubs of cause will not make it but some are proving to be good looking even last month with the begging of Long Rains, I am glad this pride in the Double cross area is going strong, the Good news is the National Reserve have been strict for the fist time I remember on illegal grazing that means the pride have a bright future,

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Trouble Mash pride

Dear Friends, Our Season is over and ready for the long rains in the Maasai Mara, As I had said on my pass Blogs that the Mash pride will have many Challenges its now proving to it, We had lost so much in this large pride in the mara, just to name a few, Red, Lisby, and White Eye and Clawed all of them had been hit by young headsmen in the park or some time just out side the park, lately was Scar thank to KWS they came on time to save his life and one other young Female, The Night Grazing that had been a lowed by the Park Authorities does not work and will never work I would suggest if the people are a lowed to graze then let them come during the day and being escorted by Rangers to make sure they go by the rules of the park or the best will be 0 grazing in the park period, Asanti Sana, Jackson Looseyia

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


For many years now I had been following Lions in the Maasai Mara game reserve and some other conservancy Like Lemek and Mara North,I also travel a lot to Mara Triangle and got to meet all this Lions Leopards and cheetah whom I had meet before and lost contact, One thing for sure cats travel, cheetahs, and lions all a like, I had meet this animals very close to the Kenya/Tanzania Boundary meaning they go to seregeti and back, David had been to the Mara North several times and back finally he has a territory with his young Half brother Nick, Notch and His sons had try to chase them out but fail because the ruling coalition of 5 now 4 have a large area to look after and soon they left to let David and Nick to rule Double cross.
This is Nick Very best Regards, Jackson Looseyia
This two boys are David and Nick they had been ruling Double cross pride for the last 2 years now and success they have new cubs in the pride of 6 lioness, Thank you all, Jackson Looseyia

Karibu Mwaka Mpya

Dear friends, 2013 had been a had year for all of us in the travel industry having an election year and loosing Olive, Notch and a few other cheetahs, Lets hope this new year bring a lot of Joy to many of us in the Maasai Mara, meaning new cubs from Bahati which we are all waiting for, more cubs from the Marsh pride and the Double cross pride headed by David and Nick, I do wish you a happy New year and lots more Fun, Best wishers, Jackson Looseyia

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Q what happen to her Body ?

This what had happen after we all cry and say good by to Olive, the Rangers had to do there Job and take her to the Head quoters, what will happen to her then we do not ask, it there Job, I do support our Park Rangers on what they did, on the last few years we had some problem on Poaching on the maasai Mara surrounding and if Olive is left to the natural world to take care of her, more Question could be ask, one She is one of the most famous leopards in Kenya, would some take her skin? for Trophy ? two Leopards are very beautiful cats could some still it for other use ? I agree with the Rangers now and may be later when things are 100 percent in Africa then we can live our great wildlife bodies to benefit the wild. Asante Sana and my big thank you to Solomon Koikai he did a good Job God bless you, and the rest of your Rangers Team, Salaams, Jackson Looseyia,

My Last day with Mama Olive

Solo and I could not bear it what a sad day my friends
That very night was different than any other night I lay in my tent over looking Rhino Ridge, the window of my tent are well open to a low nice flow of cool air to flow in my tent, Over head large Olive Trees shaded me and Lots of noise from the Migration out on the plains, out on the distance whooping Hyenas and the african night sounds were louder, I was a wake for a long time, And this what was going on In my Mind, " what a mistake this was, what if she run onto that Olive tree I so near here death place, may be there were more lions ? what if she run so fast into the Uclea Forest this would had not happen, it went on and on, I had to go out of my tent so many times for a short call, it was a long night for sure, We all make mistakes some we regret for life, some we we do not live to tell a story, some live dip scars on us but mistake are mistake no one is ready for it no matter what. Well Love you all, and thank you for your support my friends, Salaams Jackson Looseyia